Why should I sign up?

Which would you trust more: a random internet review or a referral from a friend? Agreed! Our friends typically know the best spots in the neighbourhood - the local businesses that go the extra mile and provide quality services.

ReferMyBiz allows you to connect with your friends, browse through their trusted, local service providers and exchange referrals. And the best thing: you will earn cash points if a referral is successful.

Do I need to download the ReferMyBiz mobile app?

Yes, please do so. Our web version also allows you to send and request referrals, but to redeem them, we need to verify your location, which is only possible on your iPhone or Android device.

What is a "successful referral"?

A 'successful referral' means a person, which you have referred to a business, uses the specified service and either:

  • presents the unique referral code/QR code to the business via the mobile app or a printout

  • checks into the business by swiping the “Check-in” slider in the app while being physically inside the registered address of the business. To use this option, please make sure to have the location services on your phone enabled

The app will automatically show you which of the options is available for the specific business.

What is my reward for a successful referral?

The rewards are specified by the participating businesses. You can see the particular amounts on the profile pages of the merchants. If there’s no reward displayed, ReferMyBiz will automatically assign two cash points (worth a total of $2 CAD) to each successful referral (one for you and one for your friend).

Will the person I refer also benefit from my referral?

Yes, the person you refer will benefit twice from your referral:

  • by getting an honest recommendation for an outstanding service

  • by also earning a cash reward

How many referrals can I send?

You can send 5 referrals per day to your first degree connections and friends. You also may send another 5 referrals to your friends over social media.
The number of referrals that you can send to 2nd degree connections is limited to 2 per week.

What does the balance status on my "Dashboard" mean?

The status on your "Dashboard" means the following:
Pending: Amount of outstanding potential rewards, which have not been approved as 'successful' by the referred business.
Rewarded: Amount of approved and funded rewards, which can be redeemed.

How will I receive my money and how long will it take?

Upon accumulating a minimum reward balance of $25.00 in your ReferMyBiz account, you can request to cash out. We will transfer the amount via Paypal or cut you a cheque (minimum for cheque: $200).
The transfer of the payment usually takes less than 4 weeks.

Can I redeem a referral first and sign up later?

Yes. When you redeem the referral before you have signed up, the business will ask you for your email address. Just use the same email address when you sign up at ReferMyBiz and the successful referral will automatically show up in your dashboard.

What should I do if my referral was successful but it doesn't show up on my "Dashboard"?

If the successful referral doesn't show up on your dashboard 30 days after the transaction took place, please file a claim via the ReferMyBiz resolution center including the proof of payment.
We will then contact the merchant on your behalf to address the issue.
For more information, please also consult our Terms & Privacy Policy.

I have a "User" account, can I also have a "Business" account to sign up my business?

Of course, all you need to do is to sign up as a "Business" with an alternative email address.

Do I need an invitation code to sign up? How do I get one?

You don’t need an invitation code to sign up, but you can earn cash points if you have one. You can get an invitation code from any existing ReferMyBiz user. If you click on the link of the invite, the code should automatically be considered in the sign up mask. Alternatively you can manually type in the string of alphanumeric characters which you can find in the body of the referral message.

Why should I sign up as a business?

ReferMyBiz is a highly effective and cost efficient marketing tool, allowing merchants to take advantage of easy and standardized referral processes, which guarantee a maximum exposure at minimal administrative efforts.
Unlike with traditional advertising, you are able to target "Type A" customers, the ones that reward outstanding services with loyalty and repeated business. By rewarding successful referrals, you encourage your happy customers to speak positively about your brand.
Once you sign up to the ReferMyBiz platform, you will be able to see all your referrals as well as your customers’ reviews, ratings and feedback in your dashboard. The “Comment” function will allow you to directly engage with your referrers and reply to their private feedback.
Learn more about why referrals are the most effective marketing tool here.

Do I need to pay for leads? When do I need to pay the reward?

At ReferMyBiz all referral leads are free of charge and can be tracked in your dashboard.
You are only obligated to pay your specified reward when you win a new paying customer who has been referred via the ReferMyBiz platform and shows his/her referral code at the time of your business transaction.

How much money should I reward for a successful referral?

The amount you reward for a successful referral is entirely at your discretion. You can also select $0 or 0% if you don't want to set any reward.
Of course, the higher the amount you select, the more likely you will encourage your customers to refer your business to their network.
The rewarded amount will automatically be split 50:50 among the referrer and the referee.

How can I promote my participation at ReferMyBiz?

We encourage you to integrate our "R" button on your webpage to indicate to your visitors that you are rewarding referrals. The "R" button is of course free of cost for you.
You can download your personalized "R" button HTML snippet, which links to your business profile, by clicking on the "R Button" link on your dashboard. The generated code can be copied and added into the HTML of your website. If you need any help with the implementation, please just contact us.
We also gladly send you our "R" sticker for your business front door. Simply send us a quick message at info@ReferMyBiz.com. The sticker is of course free of charge.
Please feel free to share your free ReferMyBiz web profile via social media or include it in your email signature.

What is my risk?

Becoming a member of the growing ReferMyBiz community is risk free.
Unlike with traditional advertising, costs only occur when you have won a new customer. The amount you are willing to reward for winning a new paying customer is set at your sole discretion.
Per our Terms & Privacy Policy every user can only be successfully referred once to your business.

How do I approve a referral?

Every referral generates an unique code which gets mailed out to the referee (in both forms of Plain and QR codes).
To approve a referral, you only have to scan the barcode with our free “ReferMyBiz” mobile app, which can be downloaded in the Itunes or Google Play app stores.
The app will show you a complete summary of the transaction for approval. Once you approve the transaction, the referral is marked as “successful” and the referral amount gets credited to the user's ReferMyBiz account.

How do I pay the reward? Is the payment secure?

You only have to pay for successful referrals.
The reward and the admin fee ("success fee") will be charged to the credit card you provided during the sign up process or prior to processing your first referral.
ReferMyBiz doesn’t store any customer financial data on our servers. The security of the payment process is guaranteed by our payment processing partner "Stripe", which processes payments for more than 100,000 businesses incl. BestBuy, Target and Adidas.

What are the associated fees?

ReferMyBiz charges a 10% admin fee ("success fee") for successful referrals. The minimum fee is only $5.00.

If you decide to reward a referral with $50 and the referral results in winning a customer, your total invoiced amount (before sales tax) will be:

$50 (of which $25 automatically go to the referee and $25 to the referrer)
+ $5 (success fee)
= $55 + sales tax

I have a "Business" account, can I also have a "User" account to send referrals to my friends?

Of course, all you need to do is to sign up as a "User" with an alternative email address.