Welcome to Your Referral Portal

ReferMyBiz is the first central referral portal for the local service industry.

Being local service business owners ourselves, we know how challenging and expensive customer acquisition can be and how limited our marketing options really are.

Magazine ads, online ads, billboard ads, group buying deals, we have tried it all, but when we ask new customers how they found us they typically reply that one of their friends or colleagues liked our service and referred us.
This is why we stopped wasting money on expensive marketing initiatives, which gave us zero or even a negative return on our investment, and started incentivising existing clients to recommend our services to their network.
For this purpose we have built the "ReferMyBiz" portal and would now like to share this marketing tool with all our fellow businesses in the service industry.

We encourage you to give our portal a try and sign up here. The participation is of course risk free and no fixed monthly costs will occur.
You can determine the amount of rewards for successful referrals yourself and will only have to transfer the amount once you won a new customer.

If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ section or contact us.

Thank you for becoming a member of the ReferMyBiz community.

The Team at ReferMyBiz


Behrang MI


Martin D