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Quickly sign up here or download the ReferMyBiz app to refer and request referrals on the go.

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Refer or Request

Refer an outstanding business to your friends or find the best local services from the people you trust and request a referral from them.

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Receive a cash reward from your favourite business for helping them win a new customer. The referred customer also gets a cash bonus for following your recommendation.

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Think your friends might also enjoy this Spa? Would you like to share the good experience?

Send your friends a referral through ReferMyBiz and earn a cash reward for both of you.​

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Looking for a good Real Estate agent? The one that your friends trust the most?

Check your friends profiles to see who they recommend and request a referral through ReferMyBiz.​

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Like to support your favorite local businesses and make some money on the side?

Refer your favorite businesses to your friends or become a ReferMyBiz brand ambassador and earn cash rewards for successful referrals.

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Send your friends a referral to a business they might also be interested in.

You can send your referrals via email or social media. Each referral contains a unique referral code. Just show this code to the business before you use their services.

Invite your friends to join ReferMyBiz or connect with existing users.

You can connect with your Facebook friends and/or phone contacts who are already a part of the ReferMyBiz community. You may also invite your friends to ReferMyBiz and earn referral rewards.

Request referrals to businesses your friends love and trust.

You can browse your friends' favorite businesses and request referrals to the ones you might be interested in checking out.
Your requested referral will be instantly available and you can redeem it right away.

Earn cash rewards every time you redeem a referral or your friends redeem one of your referrals.

You can earn even more cash rewards by inviting your friends to ReferMyBiz or help us with signing up businesses. To learn more, please check out the ReferMyBiz Ambassadorship program here.

Keep all referrals in your 'pocket' to redeem them on the go.

With the ReferMyBiz mobile and web apps, you have access to all your referrals anywhere and anytime through your phone. You can also browse for offers and check the status of your existing referrals.